We previously wrote about Lord Frost’s promise to carry out a comprehensive review of the content of Retained EU law. As a result of that review, the Government has released a ‘Retained EU Law Dashboard’, which can be accessed here.

The Dashboard “showcases the outcome of this review as an authoritative catalogue of [Retained EU law].” It’s “a tool to explore and filter over 2400 pieces of REUL, across 300 unique policy areas and 21 sectors of the UK economy, which have been collected as part of a cross-government collaborative exercise.”

The Dashboard is odd because (as far as I can tell) it doesn’t actually provide the text of any of the retained laws. So, what’s the point apart from showing how many EU laws have been retained in certain areas?

Or maybe that is the whole point: the public “is invited to explore this catalogue to build an understanding of how much EU-derived legislation sits on the UK statute book and scrutinise legislation” (emphasis added).

The end of the introduction to the Dashboard contains a request. Those who have the desire after reviewing the new catalogue are told to contact Jacob Rees-Mogg “through the normal correspondence channels” to highlight any specific regulations they would like to see changed or replaced.

Presumably (hopefully) this is not the only Government plan to identify and eliminate what Lord Frost described as “all that retained EU law that is not right for the UK”. We’ll await and report on any further updates as they appear.

James Beeton Retained EU Law

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