Greenaway v Parrish: full decision on post-Brexit approach to EU Directives released

We previously blogged about the case of Greenaway & Rocks v Covea Insurance & Others. This was a case in which the various parties were represented by Patrick Vincent QC and Cressida Mawdesley-ThomasPhilip Mead, and Richard Viney, all of 12 King’s Bench Walk.

It is the first decision of which we are aware grappling with the difficult issue of how English courts are now to approach the interpretation of EU Directives.

The full text of the decision has now been released under the citation: Greenaway v Parrish & Ors [2021] EWHC 1506 (QB).

For those interested in a criticial view of the decision, it is worth reading this interesting case note by members of Outer Temple Chambers. They argue that, not only was the judge’s approach not justified under EU law principles as they stood prior to the UK leaving the EU, but it ‘also appears to be prohibited under the European Union Withdrawal Act 2018’.

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