Yesterday, Senior Master Fontaine issued guidance in relation to the work of the Foreign Process Section of the Queen’s Bench Division during the coronavirus pandemic.

In summary:

  • The FPS is unable to process tracked postal service requests. Service of judicial and extra-judicial documents is suspended.
  • The processing of requests for service of court documents on parties out of the jurisdiction is also suspended.
  • Parties can attempt service without the involvement of the FPS in compliance with the Service Regulation, the Hague Service Convention or any other relevant bi-lateral treaty.
  • Service in a country which requires service through foreign governments, judicial authorities or British Consular authorities, which would normally be transmitted through the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, is suspended.
  • Examinations of witnesses in respect of requests received from foreign courts are generally suspended.
  • Requests for registration of foreign judgments are not being processed.
James Beeton Service out of Jurisdiction

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