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In case you are not a polyglot, welcome to the International & Travel Law Blog!

The launch of this blog comes at a time of uncertainty for English travel lawyers and those interested in England’s broader contribution to private international law. As the full impact of Brexit becomes clear over the coming months and years, the editors of this blog look forward to providing clear and comprehensive analysis of its implications for lawyers, academics and individuals with an interest in this area.

However, it is not our intention that this blog will be limited to providing legal commentary on Brexit. We hope and anticipate that, in time, the blog will become a valuable resource for busy PI lawyers who practise in private international or travel law. A primary function of the blog will therefore be to provide prompt and practical commentary on relevant cases as they emerge in order to keep our readership up to speed. The blog will provide a platform for practitioners and interested parties to discuss topical and controversial legal issues relating to private international and travel law. In due course, we hope to build a resource of guest commentary from eminent foreign PI lawyers on relevant developments in their own jurisdictions.

The editors of the blog are John-Paul Swoboda and James Beeton, both of whom are barristers at 12 King’s Bench Walk. We hope to have a variety of contributors, drawing not only from the many talented international and travel barristers in 12 King’s Bench Walk’s specialist International & Travel Team, but also from the wider international and travel community.

If you are interested in any of the above, then please subscribe to the blog for alerts on fresh content. In the meantime, we look forward to your comments and contributions during what will no doubt prove to be a fascinating period for those with an interest in this area.

Hasta la proxima,

John-Paul & James

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