Coronavirus mini-series: (4) Foreign Process Section

Yesterday, Senior Master Fontaine issued guidance in relation to the work of the Foreign Process Section of the Queen’s Bench Division during the coronavirus pandemic.

In summary:

  • The FPS is unable to process tracked postal service requests. Service of judicial and extra-judicial documents is suspended.
  • The processing of requests for service of court documents on parties out of the jurisdiction is also suspended.
  • Parties can attempt service without the involvement of the FPS in compliance with the Service Regulation, the Hague Service Convention or any other relevant bi-lateral treaty.
  • Service in a country which requires service through foreign governments, judicial authorities or British Consular authorities, which would normally be transmitted through the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, is suspended.
  • Examinations of witnesses in respect of requests received from foreign courts are generally suspended.
  • Requests for registration of foreign judgments are not being processed.

One thought on “Coronavirus mini-series: (4) Foreign Process Section

  1. […] Last week, we noted that service of documents abroad via the Foreign Process Section of the Royal Courts of Justice had been suspended. The implications of that decision are significant. Specifically, it may cause huge problems for service in cases involving EU-domiciled defendants. On one analysis, it will in some cases be impossible to serve. […]


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