CJEU rules on Montreal Convention coffee spillage case

In 2015, GN, a six-year-old child, was travelling on board an aircraft between Mallorca  and Vienna. Her father, who was sitting next to her, was served a cup of hot coffee which, when it was placed on the tray table in front him, tipped over onto his right thigh and onto GN’s chest, causing her second-degree burns. It could not be established precisely why the cup of coffee overturned.

The Austrian Supreme Court referred to the CJEU the question of whether or not this constituted an “accident” for the purposes of art. 17 of the Montreal Convention (to which the EU is a signatory). In Case C-532/18 GN v ZU, the CJEU determined that it was. Continue reading “CJEU rules on Montreal Convention coffee spillage case”